The Brand


Select Fruit guarantees visual quality and taste on a wide variety of apple offers. The Brands requirements start in the orchard with committed growers making every effort to produce exceptional quality fruit, top class and healthy fruit. The innovative packing is instantly recognizable offering quality products. The Select brand carries with it, The Taste of France.


Varietal innovation and packaging has cultivated a difference. Our autonomy and independence in the orchard, in pack house and marketing gives us greater flexibility and a level of high responsiveness.


Quality is a priority of the Select brand and for all the people involved in it. Apples growers monitor daily the progress of their produce. They are continuously looking for ways to reduce costs in both orchards and natural resources. They work for a sustainable agriculture. Our brand, Select Fruit, meets all international standards with required certifications in all the markets they are present in. We guarantee a very high service level to our customers. Finally, all our apples are carefully selected, photographed, analyzed, and traced to offer consumers an optimum and impeccable product.


Taste is a requirement for all of us. Our land, the Val de Loire, the birthplace of apples brings essential elements to guarantee the French Taste. Each fruit is subject to individual attention from tree to your plate. We daily follow our criteria essential to our commitment to the taste, maturity, sugar, and pressure of our fruit.